Play night Croquet, light your wickets with the Wonder Wicket Light (Patented* ). We play croquet by day, but Gloquet by night.

You’ve been there before. The competition is stiff and the party is loose. You’re having too much fun to stop the game, but it’s really getting too dark to see those wickets.

Enter the Wonder Wicket Light. The product extends your playing time indefinitely with a brilliant red spot light for each wicket. We extend an Invitation to Play Night Croquet.

Great Gift Idea for your Croquet Playing Friends!!!

How else can these handy lights be used?

You say you do Astronomy?

Poke around our website to learn more. There are movies and animations of our product in action. Plus you will find Croquet facts and songs sung by those who have embraced the Gloquet lifestyle. For those of you with discerning taste, we may have found a solution to one of life’s darkest problems.

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* Patent Number 20050113189

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