So You Are an Astronomer?

For you Astronomers, here some other useful things you can do with the Wonder Wicket Light..

Note, since these lights use Red illumination, they are night-vision-friendly,

1. Strap them on the legs of telescopes so folks in your "Star Party" won't trip over the tripods.

2. Place them around the viewing area to mark hazards, outline paths, etc..

3. Use them to illuminate Star Charts (they are much cheaper than those red Star-Chart flash-lights they sell).

4. Signal to cars parking in the viewing parking area as a reminder to douse bright headlights.

5. Use them to outline parking areas (since viewing is frequently done in rough or remote areas).

6. Use as utility lights when digging thru the snack boxes, pouring hot drinks, etc., so as not to compromise night vision.