Read about the Wonder Wicket Lights in a newspaper article in the Colorado Boulder Daily Camera


The National Croquet Center uses Wonder Wicket Lights in their Five-to-Nine Club series. Below is what Bob Alman (editor and publisher of Croquet World Online Magazine and the Official USCA Website) has to say: "..... we can report positively on the lights, which we used extensively in our FIVE-TO-NINE CLUB, which went from April through October, for night play. ..... they are just very beautiful, the red lights shining down under the wickets — it makes a beautiful and romantic setting, and people really enjoy it."



Read below what Bill Darwin of the Waterloo Area Croquet Association says about Wonder Wicket Lights: ".... I just got off of the court, it is dark and around 60 degrees and of course we used the Wonder Wicket Lights. I say they are the best invention since the flashlight!!! .... I will order some more lights come spring. I won't know until then how many sets I will need. We are also attaching the lights to our mallet shafts!"


You wonder if Wonder Wicket Lights are tough enough to withstand your Croquet game? The Connecticut eXtreme Croquet Club "stress tested" them! Read about it here.



Punk croquet band?....see how the "Croquet Killers" view Wonder Wicket Lights.