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Major Croquet Sites:

The World of Croquet Everyone's Croquet site!!

United States Croquet Association The last word in matters of American Association Croquet.

Associations and Clubs:

Connecticut eXtreme Croquet Club These folks lay claim to being the international nexus for eXtreme croquet. Here the Rules rule and wickets are made out of Lightning Rods! They have a very interesting and complete set of eXtreme could change your e-Game.

Golden Mallet Croquet Society While they claim to be a loosely organized "association", they nevertheless sponsor the very prestigious "Golden Mallet" award, the winning of which is not to be taken lightly!

Honors Croquet League, University of Washington The name may be misleading, there is no honor here! :-) These folks know how to play cutthroat and enjoy croquet in all of its many forms; to wit, their annual Night Croquet Game, rain, shine or mud... They play! Great bunch!

Maui Croquet Club This club is clearly a serious and talented bunch of Sportsman; they even keep track of the number of "peels" executed by Croquet players worldwide, and a list of Croquet Patents (among many other things).

Texas A & M Extreme Croquet Club Yup, the Aggies do it too! Knowing something about the strong traditions at A & M, we can assure you these folks will do it to the extreme :-) ...and it will be well engineered when they do.

Waterloo Area Croquet Association These Michigan folks are serious, and play with Association style equipment, but don't let that fool you, they have been known to bang the ball around, and even play Snoquet. (You guessed it, Croquet in the dead of Michigan winter!)


Totally Un-Classifiable Croquet Sites:

Croquet Killers Just when you thought Croquet wasn't for everybody. Here is a Punk Band called Croquet Killers, uniquely staffed by a bunch of very good Croquet players? Check it out.


Our Miscellaneous Favorite Sites:

Trio Apropos our favorite "Hot Club" jazz band and music with a French Flair. Climbing, skiing, and hiking in the Cascade mountains and beyond

Hows Bayou: A rockin' Cajun band with a northwest flavor.

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